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Karl welcomes Prime Minister’s positive and clear vision on Brexit

In response to Prime Minister’s European Union speech today, Karl McCartney MP, prominent Vote Leave campaigner and Conservative member of the ‘Brexit’ Select Committee, said: “It was vital that the Prime Minister set out today a clear plan with clear objectives and a positive sense of direction,

Vote Leave for a Brighter Better Britain

Today is an historic day in the life of our Great Country.It is the day when we all have a once in a lifetime opportunity to Vote to Leave the European Union. By doing so we will take back control of our Country’s future and make Britain a better and brighter Nation for current and future generations.

Lincolnshire’s Political Leaders Urge The County To Vote Leave

Twenty plus political leaders and senior party members from across the political spectrum in  Lincolnshire and Greater Lincolnshire have signed a letter urging the County’s electors to Vote Leave in the EU Referendum on 23 June 2016 (see Annex 1).

EU Referendum - My position

As your elected Member of Parliament, I have been asked by many of my Constituents over the past number of months, and more so in recent weeks, and days, about how I will cast my vote in the forthcoming European Union Referendum. Firstly let me say I am loyal to my Party, but I am also loyal to my Country - that I am proud and lucky to be a part of.

Karl expresses great disappointment in draft European Union Deal

Following the announcement by the Government of the draft European Union Deal, Karl said; “The draft European Union Deal is a great disappointment. It does not go anywhere near far enough in addressing the fundamental change that I, and I believe the vast majority of my Constituents in Lincoln, want over the way the European Union currently operates now, let alone in the future".