Triggering Article 50

Today is an historic and wonderful day in the history of the United Kingdom – a day where we take back control of our laws, borders, trade and future. I am confident that businesses across our City, County and Country will grow as they take advantage of our role as a global trading Country again, with a positive outlook, a healthy economy and a buccaneering spirit, un-cowed and unfettered by EU bureaucrats and their love of bureaucracy. 

I am also hoping that we at last gain control of immigration – every year net immigration to this Country is equivalent to the whole population of Nottingham, this situation has been allowed to continue for too long. Positively I am sure our fishing fleet is also looking forward to regaining control of our fishing areas and ensuring our fishery businesses prosper rather than keeping the lights on in fishing communities across the EU.

My only regret is that in Parliament we have to listen all the time to some in the Labour Party, SNP and Liberal Democrats who want to overturn the result of the Referendum including ignoring the majority of people who voted Leave in Lincoln and Lincolnshire, and across our great Country.


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