Vote Leave for a Brighter Better Britain

Today is an historic day in the life of our Great Country.

It is the day when we all have a once in a lifetime opportunity to Vote to Leave the European Union. By doing so we will take back control of our Country’s future and make Britain a better and brighter Nation for current and future generations.

For those of you who have still not made up your minds on how to vote, I wholeheartedly believe there are five positive and good reasons to Vote Leave on Thursday which I would ask that you consider before deciding where to place your cross on the ballot paper.

1. Better for our jobs and our businesses

More jobs will be created in our County and Country as we will cut the burden of endless Brussels’ bureaucracy on our businesses from the smallest to the largest. We will be able to trade more freely with the whole world as well as with our European neighbours just like we do now.

2. Better for our public services and housing

Britain will once again be able to address the unprecedented number of economic migrants coming into the County who are placing huge pressure on our schools, housing, welfare and health services. Every year our population grows by the size of Nottingham with over 250,000 people coming to Britain every year from the European Union alone. We can do nothing to reduce that figure.

We will also no longer have to send £350 million every week to the European Union which means we can decide what public services in the County we want to spend that money on.

3. Better for our household and family budgets

The European Union forces us to charge VAT on everyday items like petrol and on family and household fuel bills. By Voting Leave we can set our own taxes again, meaning lower bills.

4. Better for our security

The European Court of Justice can overrule our own laws on important matters like national security, border controls, and whether prisoners should get the vote. No wonder we have 4,600 European Union nationals in our prisons who each cost £36,000 per year to ‘look after’.

5. Better for our democracy

By leaving the European Union, we will regain control of our laws, our democracy and on those who govern us. We will be a sovereign Country once again. Those who we elect we can remove, something that is impossible inside the undemocratic European Union. We have five European Union Presidents who impose rules and laws on us, can you name any of them?

The final question to ask yourself is to imagine the Referendum was the other way round: would you vote to join the European Union if we weren’t in it already?

Whatever way you do vote, and, whatever the result, the fact that there has been such a lively and full debate in the City, County and Country, shows why it was so important that everyone had a say in the future of our great Nation. Long may it continue.

I have seen enough European Union 'integration' over the last 40 years, and we are not voting for the status quo, and I do not want to see another 40 years of further integration, whether that be the Euro as our currency, an European Union Army or many more unelected Brussels bureaucrats, that is why I hope you will join me and Vote to Leave the European Union.