Karl welcomes Prime Minister’s positive and clear vision on Brexit

In response to Prime Minister’s European Union speech today, Karl McCartney MP, prominent Vote Leave campaigner and Conservative member of the ‘Brexit’ Select Committee, said: “It was vital that the Prime Minister set out today a clear plan with clear objectives and a positive sense of direction, she certainly accomplished this. It gives certainty to business, our European cousins and importantly, to every single person in our Country.

“By also setting out clearly that we are leaving the European Union and the single market, and, having full control on immigration again, the world knows where we stand. The fact that so many Countries want to negotiate a free trade deal with us including key friends like the USA and key members of the Commonwealth, show that we will again be a global nation and not be held back by our membership of the European Union.

“It is now time for those who want Brexit and our Country to fail, like the Labour Party, Liberal Democrats and the Scottish Nationalists, to realise they need to back the Prime Minister. Failure to do so will show, perhaps as expected, that they do not act in the best interests of the United Kingdom as a whole. It is always important to remind the Labour Party that the majority of their voters, voted to Leave, so clearly they remain out of touch if they do not even represent their own supporters’ interests.”

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