Message to Constituents

Dear Constituent, Councillor, Organisation representative,

My office has received hundreds of emails from Lincoln’s constituents, workers and business owners since the outbreak of the coronavirus. I wanted to contact you directly to help signpost you to information that is available, from the Prime Minister Boris Johnson MP, Government Departments and Local Councils and organisations, so that you can share this information with your friends, families and fellow workers and also to reassure you and your families personally.

We have seen some irresponsible reporting both nationally and locally by some media outlets exacerbating the already unwarranted panic buying and scaremongering in our communities. I want to be clear, there is not a food shortage. Nor a shortage of other products such as toilet rolls. Before buying more than you need, we must all keep in mind our elderly, vulnerable and key workers who at this time of exceptional circumstances across our nation and the world, are going above and beyond to keep us safe, and they need provisions too.

I also want to thank everyone in this great national effort. Our workers in the supply chain, teachers, Council workers, NHS staff, shop workers and others who are carrying on as normal, and others who are all doing fantastic work and I am grateful for the talented and committed individuals which we have here in Lincoln and the surrounding areas of the County.

I have also attached a document which draws together information to try and signpost you to useful websites, to offer you accurate information and to also assist you if you are in need. The Lincolnshire MPs have also earlier today released a joint statement to the media which you may have seen.

Please do take care, if you need me please do not hesitate to contact me by letter, ‘phone, email or on social media.

This message and information can be forwarded to people in other organisations, and those within your own, or anyone you think may find the information useful.



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