Response to news that Police & Crime Commissioner has apologised to Chief Constable

Karl McCartney MP said: “Whilst I welcome this apology from the Police & Crime Commissioner to our Chief Constable, I am disappointed that it has taken nearly a month from the publication of the Police & Crime Panel Task Group’s Report for this to occur.  The necessity of an apology was something which I had raised with the Commissioner following the publication of the Report.



“I am also disappointed that the Commissioner has sought to caveat his apology by selectively quoting from the text of the Report and indicating that he would follow the same process again.


“Anyone in an elected position should act in a professional and courteous manner, regardless of any guidance in place or not.  It was pretty clear to me at the time that the actions taken were not appropriate or of a suitable standard – suspending someone and then for a week giving no explanation at all as to what the allegations were. 


“The Task Force Report was pretty clear on this matter and it is regrettable that Mr Hardwick has not taken this opportunity to acknowledge that fact.”


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