Karl supports Lincoln BIG’s proposal for Park & Ride at Waitrose on Searby Road in Lincoln

Lincoln’s Member of Parliament, Karl McCartney MP, has warmly welcomed the proposal of Lincoln Business Improvement Group (Lincoln BIG) for a 200 space Park & Ride at Waitrose on Searby Road in Lincoln.

Tourists, shoppers and commuters may be able to leave their cars at Waitrose and, for £2.50, travel on buses in and around Lincoln City and the Cathedral.

Karl McCartney MP, said: “I very much welcome the news that Lincoln BIG and Waitrose are in discussions to develop a 200 space Park and Ride Scheme on Searby Road.

“There is almost universal agreement in Lincoln that we need a Park and Ride scheme which has been discussed at various levels for many years so Lincoln BIG’s initiative could be an important start and may well prove to be a precursor to the development of a suitable, modern and effective Park and Ride system that benefits the whole of our City - residents, workers and tourists alike - and serves the surrounding areas too.

“A Lincoln-wide scheme will also help to create jobs, reduce traffic congestion, attract new business and encourage tourists to our great City.

“That is why developing a Park and Ride Scheme that encompasses the whole of Lincoln must be a priority for both Lincolnshire County Council and Lincoln City Council as well as their neighbouring councils and the new Executive Mayor.”

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For further information, please contact Karl McCartney JP MP atkarl.mccartney.mp@parliament.uk / 020 7219 7221.