Speech to the Road Safety Markings Association, 14 December 2016

Thankyou, George, for your kind welcome and thankyou for inviting me to give an opening address at your reception – even more so as your Association is based in Gainsborough which borders my seat of Lincoln, in Lincolnshire, so I feel very much a warmth for my County home here at today’s event.

Karl says motorway hard shoulders should not be used as permanent lanes

The Member of Parliament for the City of Lincoln,  Karl McCartney JP MP, has echoed the warnings of the influential Transport Select Committee, on which he sits, to warn the Government not to proceed with 'all lane running' schemes while major safety concerns exist.

Address to the Consortium of East Coast Main Line Authorities

Thank you David for your speech and as the Member of Parliament who was elected and then re-elected on a platform of securing better rail connections for my City of Lincoln, I am forever grateful for your direct services to Lincoln from London, the promise of many more in the next few years, and