Surgery Info

The surgery is your chance to meet face to face with Karl McCartney. Karl considers them to be a vital part of his work for the community in the Lincoln Constituency.

What kind of problem can I bring to a surgery?
Once at a surgery you are free to raise any subject on your mind. People come to these surgery sessions for all manner of reasons ranging from simply wanting to put a point across, to a serious problem requiring the input of the Member of Parliament sometimes because all other agencies have failed to get the problem resolved. Karl will often be accompanied by a case worker and a local Councillor to assist with problems which relate to the local authorities.

How do I book a slot?
If you’d like to come to a surgery and meet Karl in person, then please call or email my Parliamentary office on 0207 219 7221 or . My Constituency team will let you know what time to come along , however please be prepared to wait a little time in case some appointments overrun. Bringing a book along to read is recommended!

What will happen after?
Karl will discuss your problem with you and will let you know at the end of the surgery what course of action (if any is required) he will take. You will then receive a follow-up letter afterwards taking your case forward.