Statement heralding the start of major improvement works at Canwick Road

“I congratulate Cllr Richard Davies and his team at Lincolnshire County Council for securing and starting the Canwick Road improvement works that will take place from today.

“These works will provide additional traffic lanes that will ease congestion in the South of Lincoln. 

"This junction is one that, for many years, has created congestion at various times during the day for drivers who are travelling through, into and across our City.

“I am pleased that my continual campaigning over a number of years on the need for improvements at the Canwick Road/Hill and South Park junction areas has led to the Conservative-led Government funding a large share of these works.

“This Conservative-led Government and the Conservative-led Lincolnshire County Council are taking action to target key traffic bottlenecks both in Lincoln and around our Country, making life easier for the thousands of hardworking people who use our local roads every day.”


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For further information, please contact Karl McCartney MP at / 020 7219 7221.