Queen’s Speech will continue to drive Lincoln Forward

Karl McCartney, Member of Parliament for the City of Lincoln, has today welcomed the measures set out in the Queen’s Speech which will continue the drive to further support businesses, workers and savers. Karl is also pleased the proposals will help more people to become homeowners, help offenders make a fresh start when they leave prison and improve opportunities for young people in the care system.


The Government has also proposed a range of prison reforms. Karl will ensure that the message given to the Justice Secretary is that Lincoln Prison is already one of the leaders in delivering the type of prisoner rehabilitation the Government and the public want and therefore should not fall within any proposed changes in the UK prison estate. He will also reaffirm that the Prison’s central location in the Lincolnshire side of the East Midlands helps prisoners keep in touch with families, and has significant importance for local jobs and the economy.


Karl McCartney JP MP, Lincoln’s Member of Parliament, said; “The measures set out today in the Queen’s Speech continue with the drive to make both the United Kingdom and Lincoln an even better place for businesses, workers and savers. The extra support for homeowners, extra help for prisoners and more opportunities for those in the care system show the Conservatives are on the side of people who want to do the right thing.”


“Lincoln prison is a leader in rehabilitation and education, making a clear and positive contribution in helping prisoners to put their lives back on track when they leave. This is why the campaign three years ago to keep the Prison open was such a success because the Prison itself is a success. I will always fight Lincoln’s corner. This means I will be making the case that the Prison’s track record, its location and importance to the County’s economy means there is no need for it to be included in any proposed changes in the UK prison estate.”


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For further information, please contact Karl McCartney MP at karl.mccartney.mp@parliament.uk / 020 7219 7221.