Penny off a pint for pubs in Lincoln

Karl McCartney MP has welcomed announcements in the budget to support pubs in Lincoln.


The budget announced:

  •  Tax on beer to be cut by a penny a pint, helping local pubs;
  • Duties on Scotch whisky and other spirits will be frozen, supporting the Scottish whisky industry particularly;
  • Duty on ordinary ciders to be frozen, helping West Country cider makers hit by the recent weather;
  •  The duty escalator for wine has also been abolished.

Karl McCartney MP commented: ‘This budget is great news for the 4,300 pubs and the 39,200 people who work in them in the East Midlands.

‘This is the second year that a penny has been taken off a pint, with duties on Scottish whisky and most ciders frozen too.

‘Pubs are an important part of local life in our City, and always have been. This is welcome support for them, protecting jobs, and serving up some extra help for hardworking people. This is also in stark contrast to the constant difficulties pubs faced by the punitive decisions made under 13 years of the last Labour Government that impacted negatively on the pub industry, its workers and drinkers in general.’


For further information, please contact Karl McCartney MP at / 020 7219 7221.