Lincoln Member of Parliament reveals huge increases in school age children coming to the UK from Europe

Immigration figures revealed by Karl McCartney JP MP, Member of Parliament for the City of Lincoln, show that the number of school age children migrating from Europe to the United Kingdom has now reached 25,000 per year (2014), eight times higher than in 2004 (3,000). The information supplied by the Government via a Written Parliamentary Question also showed that a total of 152,000 school age children had migrated in this direction since 2000.


Karl, who is campaigning for the United Kingdom (UK) to Leave the European Union in the 23 June Referendum, cited the lack of immigration controls and the resulting strain on public services as a key reason why people in Lincoln should vote Leave. For example, in Lincolnshire, schools in the County currently have to teach over 7,000 pupils who have English as a second language2.


These national figures reveal the extent of the migration at school age level into the UK and the numbers for the past fifteen years are the equivalent to the population of cities such as Blackpool, Middlesbrough or Oxford. Overall, every year the United Kingdom population grows by the size of Nottingham.


Karl McCartney JP MP, Lincoln’s Member of Parliament, said “It is extremely concerning, but of no surprise to me, that the number of school-age children from European Union countries coming to the UK in the last fifteen years has been the equivalent of cities the size of Blackpool, Middlesbrough or Oxford.


“This burden places even more pressure on our schools, health service and housing. It is another reason why we have to leave the European Union - so we can take full control of the number of people who can come and live here and reduce the impact on our services, paid for by the UK taxpayer.”


On 20 May 2016, Rt. Hon. Chris Grayling MP, Leader of the House of Commons and Cabinet Member, will be speaking at the Lincoln Hotel (6pm to 7.30pm) about the impact of the European Union on his work as a senior member of the Government. Tickets remain available at


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