Karl gives a cautious welcome to City of Lincoln Council’s Vision 2020 Report

Lincoln’s Member of Parliament, Karl McCartney MP, has cautiously welcomed the City of Lincoln Council’s Vision 2020 Report which sets out the Council’s plans for at least the next three years.

These plans include what has already been achieved in Lincoln in terms of infrastructure, industry, retail, leisure and culture, the Council’s opportunities and challenges in respect of crime, housing and environment, and also its strategic priorities.

Karl McCartney JP MP, Lincoln’s Member of Parliament, said: “As Lincoln’s Member of Parliament I welcome the broad thrust of Vision 2020, which is surprisingly upbeat and, unusually for the Labour-run City Council, it paints our wonderful City in a positive light, to some extent.

“I am delighted that the Council’s Labour Leadership now purport to recognise that they themselves must deliver high performing services that achieve value for money, but the proof of the pudding is always in the eating.

“Whether it’s the Council’s introduction of toilet charges across the City, its failure to introduce a City-wide Park & ride scheme, its dogmatic and greedy commitment to building on the Swanpool floodplain, or the Council’s spending of over £1million on hiring temporary and agency staff, Labour still continues to fail the hardworking taxpayers of Lincoln.

“There are therefore many aspects of Labour's longstanding political mismanagement of the City that I cannot endorse.  However, whenever they are willing to work together to facilitate improvements to the City through monies granted from my Conservative colleagues making decisions in Westminster in our Conservative Government, I will of course do everything I can along with my Conservative City Council colleagues to maximise the benefits for my Lincoln Constituents.

“That’s why I am working with the Conservative Councillors at the City Council and monitoring the Labour Leadership closely, supporting them when they act in Lincoln’s interests, but holding them to account when they fail our residents and businesses. 

“Together we Conservatives will continue to Put Lincoln First.”

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For further information, please contact Karl McCartney JP MP at karl.mccartney.mp@parliament.uk / 020 7219 7221.