Karl expresses great disappointment in draft European Union Deal

Following the announcement by the Government of the draft European Union Deal, Karl McCartney MP, the Member of Parliament for Lincoln, said; “The draft European Union Deal is a great disappointment. It does not go anywhere near far enough in addressing the fundamental change that I, and I believe the vast majority of my Constituents in Lincoln, want over the way the European Union currently operates now, let alone in the future.

“Before I can support our continual membership of the European Union, three key tests have to be met:

·       Stronger controls on immigration and our borders – not just a focus on in-work benefits;

·       An increased ability to choose not to introduce regulations and decisions that are not in the interest of the British people or British business, and,

·       A clear answer as to who actually governs Britain – the British people or the European Commission.

“This draft European Union Deal does not address these matters, though I believe this is not down to the negotiations that our Prime Minister has led, it is more likely to be the best deal the rest of the European Union may think about accepting. This at the end of the day is the crucial paradox, we want a fundamental change in our relationship but the European Union does not want us to have it.”


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