Karl echoes the PM’s warning that there are just 14 days left to avert the disaster of an Ed Miliband-SNP government

Karl McCartney JP, the Conservative Candidate for Lincoln, has today echoed the Prime Minister, Rt Hon David Cameron’s warning that there are just 14 days left to secure our recovery for the next five years and avert the disaster of an Ed Miliband-SNP government. 


Karl McCartney JP commented: “We Conservatives have made a number of commitments to continue with our Long Term Economic Plan that is delivering the lowest inflation and interest rates and highest job creation on record so that we may secure a brighter future for Britain over the next five years.


“Our proposals to cut income tax so people keep more of the money they earn; clear the deficit so Britain lives within its means; support business to create two million more jobs so more people have the security and dignity of a pay packet; and guarantee generous increases in the Basic State Pension so people have dignity and security in retirement are the right priorities for the hardworking people of Lincoln.


“But all of this is at risk if Ed Miliband and the SNP walk into Downing Street in 14 days’ time. 


“Yesterday new footage was uncovered showing Alex Salmond boasting and laughing about writing Ed Miliband’s first budget.


“At a fundraiser for an SNP candidate last week, Salmond said: ‘The Scottish Labour leader will not be writing the Labour Party budget. But then I knew that already, because I’m writing the Labour Party budget.


“And new figures show that an Ed Miliband-SNP deal would add £6 billion to Britain’s debt interest payments – £350 for every family.


“Residents in Lincoln will pay for a Miliband-SNP stitch up with higher taxes, more welfare spending, more debt and weaker defences – but you can stop it by voting Conservative on 7 May.” 


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