Karl calls for stiffer sentences for driving test impersonation and more prosecutions to make our roads safer

Answers revealed in Parliamentary Questions from Karl McCartney JP MP, Conservative member of the Transport Select Committee, show that over the past five years:

  • only 209 people had been convicted for illegally using another person to take their driving test (average sentence of 5.6 months, and,
  • 111 people had been convicted for acting as the stand-in (average sentence of 9.9 months)
  • over half of those convicted are in London.

The answers from the Department for Transport also show that in the same period over 1,100 licences have been revoked due to evidence that the licence was obtained fraudulently, which includes impersonation. In addition, there are no official estimates on the number of people on Britain’s roads who passed their driving test by illegally using an impersonator.

Investigations are mainly conducted by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) until there is enough evidence to support an arrest and prosecution. Members of the public can email the Agency at fraudandintegrity@dvsa.gov.uk or Telephone 0191 201 8120. Further information can be found at this website: https://www.gov.uk/report-driving-test-impersonation

Karl McCartney JP MP, Lincoln’s Member of Parliament, said: “Driving without legally passing a driving test poses a great risk to life on Britain’s roads and surely deserves greater punishment by the courts. Those making a career out of impersonating others need to go to prison for longer too.

“While there no are official figures, my instinct is that the level of impersonation is far higher, especially given the obvious lack of convictions outside of London. We need to see better publicity around those convicted to put other people off, more promotion of the fraud service and the public being prepared to report those committing this dangerous fraud.

“We all have a responsibility to make our roads safe. More reporting, more prosecutions and stiffer sentences will make a real difference.”

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For further information, please contact Karl McCartney JP MP at karl.mccartney.mp@parliament.uk / 020 7219 7221.