House of Common’s Triumph over House of Lords in Boat Race with Two Lincolnshire MPs

Two Lincolnshire parliamentarians, Sir Edward Leigh MP, the Member of Parliament for the Gainsborough Constituency, and Karl McCartney JP MP, who represents the neighbouring constituency of Lincoln, have shared in the victory of the Commons over the Lords in the Annual Parliamentary Boat Race.

On Wednesday, 14 September 2016 the tenth Annual Parliamentary Boat Race took place on the Thames between Lambeth and Westminster bridges, in replicas of the wooden boats used in the 1829 Oxford & Cambridge Boat Race.

Karl and Sir Edward were part of the Commons 8 which secured victory over their House of Lords rivals, who in recent years have tended to be the more successful team. The Commons 8 are captained by Dr. Matthew Offord MP who, prior to the race, said: “We have a good balance of experience and enthusiastic novices. Sir Edward Leigh’s river knowledge and Toby Perkins’ strength and long levers put us in confident mood.”

Following the race, Sir Edward Leigh MP, said: “Today’s event is, at last, a win for the House of Commons against the House of Lords in the annual Parliamentary Boat Race, who have enjoyed a winning streak in recent years. I was pleased that fellow Lincolnshire MP, Karl McCartney, was in the team with me.” 

The race helped to raise £10,000 for charity supporting the Company of Watermen & Lighermen, London Youth Rowing and the Matt Hampson Foundation.

Karl McCartney MP commented: “I want to record my thanks to all involved in the Parliamentary Boat Race, particularly my colleagues in the Commons 8 and the event’s sponsor the International Sports Promotion Society. It has been a great afternoon and we have supported some really great charities.”

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For further information, please contact Karl McCartney JP MP at / 020 7219 7221.