Giving this year’s students a safety net

This year is no ordinary results day. I appreciate the stress and pressure that students, parents, teachers and families have been going through in recent months.

I want to see all students receive the results which they deserve, and I hope that all students can achieve the career pathway that they desire.

If you believe the results that you have been given are not representative of what you should have achieved under normal circumstances, there is an appeals process.

Ofqual has published guidance, including a student guide at, which outlines how the process works and what the steps might be taken.  Students, their families and teachers will note that we have already taken steps to ensure that pupils in England do not experience the chaos under the SNP in Scotland.

A national Exam Results Helpline will be operating from 8am to 10pm on 13 to 28 August for young people or their parents to speak to a professionally qualified careers adviser if you need advice on your next steps. The number for this is 0800 100 900.

Every young person waiting for their results wants to know they have been treated fairly, and that they will not be disadvantaged by exams being cancelled by coronavirus – through no fault of their own.

That is why our Conservative Government are introducing in England a triple lock to give students an added safety net. Students will be able to accept their calculated grade, appeal on the basis of a valid mock result, or sit an exam in the Autumn. 

We will ensure all outcomes are given the same weighting by universities, employers and colleges in England. We will not play politics with young people’s futures as the SNP have done in Scotland.

ThIs ‘triple lock‘ will provide an additional safety net to the system of calculated grades, which is the fairest possible approach in the absence of exams. The grades students receive later today will be based on the judgement of their school or college, and have been moderated by exam boards to make sure the same standard is applied for all students across our Country.

We all realise that there is no perfect replacement for exams, but our plan will give employers the confidence in these results and ensure fairness for all young people so that they can progress to the next stage of their lives with confidence.

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