Conservatives achieve action to tackle antisocial behaviour at the Stonebow in Lincoln

Measures to tackle horrific antisocial behaviour affecting businesses around Lincoln’s historic Stonebow building will now be put in place thanks to Police and Crime Commissioner Marc Jones and Conservative parliamentary candidate, Karl McCartney swiftly raising the concerns of traders with city council directors.

Traders at Lincoln’s Stonebow have been at their wits end due to appalling behaviour including drug dealing, loitering and using shop fronts as toilets, all of which are driving customers away and making traders lives a misery.

Karl McCartney, Conservative parliamentary candidate for Lincoln said: “After speaking to business owners at the Stonebow, I was appalled by the raft of antisocial behaviour they have been enduring. Our city is a fantastic place to live work and visit and tt was obvious action needed to be taken to stamp out the problem. By working together with Marc Jones, our Police and Crime Commissioner, I’m pleased that we have managed to get the city council to step up the efforts to resolve this awful situation.

Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner, Marc Jones added: “Myself and Karl visited traders and businesses to see for ourselves what needed to be done to tackle their concerns. With the city council owning the Stonebow and being landlords to the affected businesses, our lobbying to them has seen swift action to regularly cleanse the area and introduce new bright lighting under the Stonebow. This will help our local businesses and the wider public to be safer in the currently dimly lit area. I will continue to lobby the council to add more CCTV to the area.”

Karl McCartney added: “There have always been anti-social behaviour and other issues in the City Centre of Lincoln, and I am always happy to work with Marc, the local Police, and the council officers to ensure the environment is as pleasant and as enjoyable as possible for all those that live, work and shop in our beautiful city.”

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