A Conservative Controlled City Council will deliver a better future for Lincoln

Karl McCartney, Member of Parliament for the City of Lincoln, has today called on local electors to deliver a better future for the City by using their three votes to support the Conservative Candidates at the City Council elections on Thursday 5 May 2016. A full list can be found below.

The elections this year are vital for the future of Lincoln. There is a clear choice between the Conservatives who have a positive plan for the City or four more years of a failing Labour Council. All Labour do is raise tax, provide poor services and spend taxpayers’ money on vanity pie in the sky proposals. They also waste energy and focus on scoring political points off of the Conservative Government.

Karl supports the Five Point Plan the Conservative candidates will deliver when they take control of the Council:

  1. Spending taxpayers’ money wisely: A Conservative Council will review all Council Departments so that hard working taxpayers’ money is spent wisely on services that benefit the people of Lincoln.
  2. Introducing a City Park & Ride Scheme: Working with Karl, the City and County Councils will develop a City-wide park and ride scheme in order to reduce congestion and improve public transport across the City.
  3. Tackling crime: A Conservative Council will work with the Police and Crime Commissioner to tackle antisocial behaviour across Lincoln City to ensure safer communities.
  4. Investing in sports and leisure facilities: Labour has not invested in the City’s sports facilities. A Conservative Council will upgrade existing facilities for residents to enjoy.
  5. Protecting our heritage: Working with Karl, a Conservative Council will protect the historic architecture after years of neglect by Labour. This will ensure future generations can enjoy historic Lincoln.


Karl McCartney, Lincoln’s Member of Parliament, said: “The City of Lincoln is being held back by a Labour run Council. Rather than taking advantage of a growing local economy they prefer to put up taxes, provide poorer services and score cheap political points because they do not like the fact Lincoln supported the election of a Conservative Government.

“The Conservatives though have a clear strategy and I fully support their Five Point Plan. I would urge the good people of Lincoln to support all three Conservative of the candidates in their wards on Thursday 5 May along with the Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner Candidate. This will ensure Lincoln has the forward thinking and positive City Council it deserves.”

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Graham Bratby, Douglas Collison & Caleb Harris

Jenine Butroid, David Denman & Eddie Strengiel

Alan Briggs, Roger Hansard & Caroline Wilson

Matthew Fido, Katya Roures Salvador & David Smith

Rod Archer, Malcolm Barham & David Wright

Jamie Bartch, Andrew Bradley & Peter McNeill

Ron Hills, Andy Kerry & Marika Riddick

Yvonne Bodger, Tony Higgs & Christopher Reid

David Kerry, Sharon Longthorne & Vasos Melides

Richard Butroid, Janusz Kala & Liam Sperrin

Thomas Dyer, Keith Weaver & Matthew Wilson