5 Days in June

Friday, 18th November 2016

DATE:     Friday 18th November
TIME:      12:00
VENUE:  The Lincoln Hotel
Cost:       £25.00 per Person

On Friday 18th November I will be hosting a Business Lunch at The Lincoln Hotel with my Parliamentary colleague Jake Berry MP. Tickets are available.

Jake was at the heart of The Rt. Hon. Boris Johnson MP’s Leadership Campaign. His talk “5 days in June” will reveal some of the behind the scenes actions and consequences following the resignation of David Cameron Prime Minister.

That decision rapidly led to Boris’ declaration as one of the Leadership Candidates, followed just days later by his unexpected withdrawal from the Campaign. Subsequently the exciting and quickly reached conclusion for the Nation resulted in the appointment of The Rt. Hon.Theresa May MP as our second female Prime Minister.

Do join us for this Business Lunch at 12.30. Ask some of those questions we all want to know the answers to, from a Parliamentarian who was at the very centre of the campaign and on the shoulder of a key player during this momentous event in British Politics.

To register your interest call Robert Prior on (07896) 89 2303 or email events@karlmccartney.co.uk


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